My top 10 tools for learning 2018

As during previous years, Jane Hart asks what our top professional learning tools are. Here are my top choices personally and professionally without any internal order:

  • Twitter: This has been my go-to source for knowledge for many years. I hear about skilled and interesting people, add them to one of my lists, and can enjoy their posts and conversations easily.
  • YouTube: Oh, YouTube, this vast sea of strange videos but with islands of clarity as well. Mainly used for recorded talks, product tests, and sheer inspiration.
  • LinkedIn: Argh, LinkedIn is so hard to use as a learning tool, which I have stated before. Meanwhile, almost daily I see something interesting plus I reach my largest audience through my own posts here, opening up for interesting conversations.
  • Yammer: Externally I use this to keep in contact with the members of Intranätverk. Internally, we are starting to use it more and more as well. Excellent tool for asking questions and quickly learning from others.
  • Kindle: What would I do without the Kindle app? I have so many great books here which I read, re-read, write notes in, and learn from.
  • Evernote: This has been my clipper and organizer for years. Whenever I don´t have time to read something, I clip it to Evernote and return quickly to it later.
  • Feedly: The best web source reader there is. Hundreds of sites and blogs neatly stored in categories for me to consume every morning.
  • I let create automatic magazines based on my Twitter lists. This helps me surface articles I might have missed during a Twitter day. I never auto-post these magazines, but instead share individual picks from what I find here.
  • SharePoint: The main platform at work for working with document and news.
  • Google Suite: Currently the way I handle my mail and calendar and more. Plus all Google Alerts and Search, of course.


Author: Patrik Bergman

Privately: Father, husband, vegetarian, and reader of Dostoyevsky. Professionally: Works as Communications Manager at

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