Awakening from the meaning crisis, in Swedish

In my last post, I wrote about a life crisis and my way of dealing with it. One of the many ways I chose to take the next step is by engaging in John Vervaeke’s video series “Awakening from the meaning crisis”. Every Monday, I discuss an episode with members of the Future Thinkers network. But to really understand it, I also record short versions of each episode in Swedish. I gain two things from this: I teach the material and need to know it, and the Swedish audience gets a quicker way of learning this rather complex material.

For example, here is my Swedish version of episode 8 where John task about Siddharta Gautama (Buddha) and mindfulness:

I don’t have an explicit plan with these Swedish versions but they help me. And if anyone else can benefit from them, that just makes me happier. To access the rest of my recordings, please visit my YouTube page.

You will find the links to both John’s full course and to Future Thinkers in the description of the video if you open it in YouTube. For anyone deeply interested in these questions, I highly recommend the full series from John and the watch parties and discussions with Future Thinkers.