The 80/20 principle for the humane digital workplace

Once I continued working with developing our plan for our humane digital workplace (see my previous post), I felt it was easy to get overwhelmed. Everything starts internally with our culture and strategy. But then we also need to take into account the other aspects of what very wise people and companies have presented regarding the digital workplace. And that is where the fatigue can set in: There are simply too many aspects to take into account, and then I haven’t even covered all the wise contributors in the area.

Maybe books like Richard Koch’s classic “The 80/20 Principle – The secret to achieving more with less” can help here? Also for the digital workplace, maybe 20 percent of the efforts we spend can produce 80% of the rewards? But which 20% are key to succeeding?

Most probably, the 20% varies between each company, given their culture and strategic goals. But I believe everyone working with applying smart ideas on building humane digital workplaces can win from such ideas. You simply cannot do everything others list as crucial for succeeding. You might just feel overwhelmed, tired and do less than you hoped. But you can find the key aspects that can have the biggest effects in your workplace, and start working on those.

As an example, our 20% could potentially be: getting the mobile access right, grounding all humane digital workplace ideas in the extended management team, and turning manual procedures into effective workflows and forms. I will explore this the coming weeks.

The workday is only so long. Choose wisely.

Author: Patrik Bergman

Privately: Father, husband, vegetarian, and reader of Dostoyevsky. Professionally: Works as Communications Manager at

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