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Reinventing ourselves: Tim Ferriss, James Altucher, and Constructive Developmental Theory

The last six months I have made it a habit to read and listen to the books and podcasts from Tim Ferriss and James Altucher, and then apply some of their ideas. For example, Tim’s book “Tools of Titans” contains a tremendous number of tricks and tips to live smarter, while James’ books in the Choose Yourself series helps you build a stronger foundation for everything in life. Meanwhile, via...

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My new morning routine, thanks to Tim Ferriss

Ever since I read Tim Ferriss' book "Tools of Titans", I have started to change how I live. One such thing is my morning routine. Before the book, it was the standard semi-haze, trying to eat, shower, and read the newspaper before waking the kids. Now I do the following every morning: Yoga for my back and overall mobility. Takes a few minutes, but helps me avoid the back pain...

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Change – this time it is personal

I have written before on change management, and especially how it has failed to support companies. But that's change on the macro level. Now it's time for changing myself. I started the year by reading Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss. If you ever thought about changing your life for real, then read this book now. It has nearly no quick solutions. Instead, it has smart solutions. Really smart solutions. I have...

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Grow new habits with liminal thinking

I just discovered that I could grow new habits with liminal thinking, and it has already changed how I see things. By reading Liminal Thinking by Dave Gray, I was not only presented with tools to change my view of the world. Through reading this book, I also re-opened the door to the world of philosophy. Far too many have asked why I started my academic road studying practical philosophy and even asked me how...

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Mapping the Neo-Generalist in you

“The neo-generalist wanderer often has to adapt to contextual shifts and reinvent themselves when circumstances call for it.” (from The Neo-Generalist) Recently, I finished reading an excellent book called “The Neo-Generalist,” with the Zen-like subtitle “Where You Go Is Who You Are.” Kenneth Mikkelsen and Richard Martin wrote this book – two authors that clearly have wandered between specializations, and learned a lot from it. The book hits a current issue right...

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Influential e-learning and learning people on Twitter

Before I started working as a global intranet editor, I worked as an instructional designer and script writer for web based training for five years. Since then, I have gathered the names of people who are influential within the areas of e-learning and learning. If you are getting started in this professional area, the below list of names can be useful. It is by no means complete - there are...

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