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How #PKMastery helped me create a blog on #AI

I have attended Harold Jarche's Personal Knowledge Mastery (PKM) workshop twice, and they have been wonderful learning opportunities. There is a kind of meta-learning involved that I seldom experience otherwise: I learn about how I learn. One of the images Harold uses to describe PKM is this Image borrowed from Harold Jarche's site Harold describes PKM as: PKM is a set of processes, individually constructed, to help each of us make...

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Content Types in SharePoint – how you can benefit

Since I started working with SharePoint, Content Types have been somewhat of a mystery. Especially when I want to tell others what it is, and how they can benefit. Often, we end up either too abstract ("A way of handling content") or too concrete ("Is it a Word file you mean?"). Thankfully, there are some great sources that can ease the pain, and let you win from using Content Types the correct...

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How to upload Android photos to SkyDrive via DropBox

For some unknown reason, Microsoft has not included "Automatically upload to SkyDrive" in their Android version of the SkyDrive app. Why they ignore the needs of so many users is a mystery, since such a function would drive more people to  using their service. Here is a way to get around the problem using their competitor DropBox: 1. Install DropBox and SkyDrive on your computer. 2. Download the Dropbox app...

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