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How to invest smarter thanks to the liberal arts

We all want to make smart investments, and there are many ways of doing so. One, for many probably a surprising way, is by knowing your liberal arts too. Yes, of course, traders can make money without knowing the companies and just act at Buy and Sell. But to see your money grow big time thanks to compound interest, it can take more. An interesting perspective on this is presented...

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Confused by Bitcoin? Me too. Here’s some guidance.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have me confused mostly. If someone asked me what it is, I would probably say something like: "It is a modern currency, distributed among people instead of banks and institutions, and people can get rich by investing in it". But this, of course, doesn't mean I understand what I am talking about. Therefore, I started looking for other sources of guidance and found the following very...

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The robots will take over, say Ray and Nick. But will they?

I just finished reading two fascinating books; The Singularity is Near by Ray Kurzweil, and Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies by Nick Boström. Both send us into the future, where the exponential development of robots and more have changed our societies completely. As far as I understand, Ray works at Google and Nick works at Oxford University. Both have already done more than most others achieve during a lifetime, but their...

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My five ideas on improving LinkedIn

As a part of me embarking on Harold Jarche’s workshop in Personal Knowledge Mastery (PKM), I decided to expand my use of a social network. Last time I took the workshop (yes, it is awesome), I focused on Twitter. That move has led to a much smarter ways of handling Twitter, including using lists. During this year’s workshop, I decided to become better at using LinkedIn. It all started with...

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Most interesting #AI articles this week, from the Deckard Blog

My blog on artificial intelligence, the Deckard Blog, already has 100+ posts. This means there is a lot to learn from it each week. This is the first example of a Friday post where I list what I learned from the blog during the week. All images belong to the creators of the original articles. An overview of the AI landscape See which technologies there are today and how they...

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