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My first self-published Kindle book is out!

Today is a fun and festive day indeed! Today my first self-published book has been released on Kindle. The title is "How to avoid information overload using social media tools: Steps to feeling calmer and smarter", and the book is free to download the first three days. If you use Kindle (otherwise download it for free here), I would be very grateful if you could download it and then send me...

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No silver bullets among social platforms

Social media has been around for a long time. It has been everything from ridiculed to mind numbingly praised, but still we seem to lack the ONE tool to rule them all. Why? Basically, working with posting to, and covering, social media channels should be a breeze. But so far, it seems I need to use at least two tools to get my job done professionally: Hootsuite needs no introduction and it is an...

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