Twitter lists reveal the influential intranet people

After trying the Gleek app on my work phone, I discovered a set of great public intranet lists made by some of the people I follow on Twitter:

I also had my own list since before:

There are of course more lists, but looking through these, quite a few people appear in all lists or as people followed by the above (not in all cases, but you get the idea), such as:

Thanks to the app, I not only found public lists I hadn’t seen before. I also found new people to follow. Meanwhile, being influential  in the intranet world, all these people and organizations not only have a responsibility to come up with great ideas, but also to publicly debate what really is the best way forward for intranets. I do to.

I look forward to an interesting intranet year, when I get back from the paternity leave. Then I will perhaps have more time to analyze the tweets of all people above, while launching a new intranet to my colleagues.

Now off to play.

Author: Patrik Bergman

Privately: Father, husband, vegetarian, and reader of Dostoyevsky. Professionally: Works as Communications Manager at

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