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Recommended jobs via LinkedIn is a sure miss, and AngelList is smarter

For some reason, LinkedIn sends me its recommended jobs via e-mail a few times a week. And each time it is a sure miss compared to what I have described on my LinkedIn profile. The last e-mail I received took some wild guesses: For sure, here are several interesting companies, but it is closer to a random draw of jobs than something that would help if I actually was looking...

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Using an intranet to increase engagement

Disengagement at work is a real and big problem for companies. According to Gallup’s 2011-2012 numbers, only 13% of employees worldwide are engaged in their jobs. The rest is either Non-engaged or Actively disengaged. Gallup’s definitions of these groups, featured Gallup’s definitions of these groups, featured in Harvard Business Review (HBR) here, are: “Engaged employees work with passion and feel a profound connection to their company. They drive innovation and...

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Communicate – the second C and the humane digital workplace

This is the third post in my journey towards working with a humane digital workplace. It started with "Building a humane digital workplace" (listing the 5 Cs) and followed up with "Connect - the first C and the humane digital workplace". The second of the Cs is Communicate, and the 30.000 feet overview of our intent with Communicate is: Open, transparent and active communication are the keys to our success Listen...

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