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A quick guide to instant intranet solutions in a box

During the last weeks, I have had the privilege to read reports on ready-made intranet solutions: Turnkey intranet solutions for SharePoint and Office 365 (July version), by James Dellow. SharePoint intranets in-a-box report, by Sam Marshall at ClearBox Consulting. Paketerade lösningar för SharePoint och Office 365 (in Swedish), by Kristian Norling at Intranätverk. The above three resources give you a very good overview of what is available today. They also update these overviews regularly, so...

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Create – the fifth C and the humane digital workplace

This is the sixth post on my journey towards working with a humane digital workplace. It started with “Building a humane digital workplace” (listing the 5 Cs) and was followed up with “Connect“, “Communicate“, “Collaborate“ and "Coach". The fifth and final C is Create, and the 30.000 feet overview of our intent with Create is that we: Are responsive, adaptive and open to new ideas Dare to do things differently Challenge the traditional...

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Connect – the first C and the humane digital workplace

A few weeks ago,, I published "Building a humane digital workplace". It included a video from my employer Haldex, where we introduce you to the 5 Cs. These are 5 Cs that all employees should embrace and express in our work. The first of these is Connect. Now I have started relating what we mean with Connect, to some items others have created regarding the digital workplace. Let's start with the 30.000 feet...

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Building a humane digital workplace

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